When We Say “Less Government,” What Do We Mean?

Biden Admin Unveils Appliance Regulations (foxnews.com)

The Biden administrative wonks think appliances aren’t efficient enough and are forcing you to pay more for your next major appliance to combat the climate crisis (which isn’t a crisis).

Do you believe the emission reductions are accurate, measurable, and will lower global temperatures?  This is the problem with the lack of faith and accountability in government. We don’t trust the “experts” to look out for our interests.

These rules, if not rescinded by the next president, will not do anything to lower temperatures and will impact those in the lower economic brackets. Face it, rich people can pay another $200 for a washer or dryer.

They’ve already banned gas stoves in NY and are coming after your other appliances next.’

Help me Stop the Chaos and vote for Chris Eddy for Congress in FL-25.

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