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Campaign Issues

#1: Fiscal Discipline

  • Do you have $103,000 to spare? Well, that’s your share of the national debt (it was $94,000 when I started campaigning). That rises to nearly $300,000 if you’re a taxpayer. What’s it going to be for your kids when they’re older? The federal government currently pays $131 million per day in interest on the debt. With interest rates increasing and no progress on living within our means, that daily interest will soar soon.
  • Unfortunately, the last several administrations had no concern for living within their means. There was always an emergency and somehow, no one planned for them. Financial consultants recommend we all keep 3 months of income for emergencies but why can’t the federal government follow that simple guidance? Why do states have to balance their budgets annually but the federal government can continue on its yearly binge?
  • In 2023, the interest payment on the national debt was $800 billion and that’s only going up every year, especially with interest rates rising.  ( (
  • The Debt Ceiling Law is a joke. Every year, Congress increases it so the US doesn’t default on its obligations. That’s like saying to your credit card company, if you don’t raise my credit limit, I may not pay you back.


  • US Spending (
    • 2019 $5.14T
    • 2022 $6.27T
    • The US is in financial trouble. Even the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget stated, “to achieve balance within a decade, all spending would need to be cut by roughly one-quarter and that the necessary cuts would grow to 85 percent if defense, veterans, Social Security, and Medicare spending were off the table.”
    • First, we need to stabilize the debt as a share of the overall economy, aiming for 2% of GDP. The debt to GDP ratio was 123% in 2022! This is not sustainable. Even during the height of WWII, it never topped 114%.

#2: Security

Graph of southwest land border encounters by month 2020-2022
  • Our nation is built on laws….in fact, it would be chaos without them. Then why do some people insist on either not enforcing the laws or codifying new ones which favor the criminals over the victims and law enforcement?
  • My wife and I spent our entire careers in law enforcement and protecting our citizens. We don’t want any special thanks for it. We both enjoyed it and would do it again if we could.
  • Law Enforcement: We need to support those who defend us. Nobody wants to work where they are not appreciated and our first responders are no different.
  • Immigration
    • Did you know in CY2021 and CY2022, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered over 2 million illegal immigrants (Broward’s population is under 2 million). That’s 6,000 illegal immigrants a day…and those are just ones they encountered! How about the others which slipped through? (
      • CY2022 2,090,687 (thru Oct 2022)
      • CY2021 2,035,585
      • CY2020 547,777
  • People wrongly conflate immigration with illegal immigration. As a grandson of Lebanese immigrants, I recognize the importance of America being the “Beacon on a Hill” and attracting talented individuals to come to our great country. Our immigration system has been broken for a long time. The past few presidents have tried to remedy it, but partisan politics stood in the way.
  • Illegal immigration is not only against the law, it’s unfair to those who try to navigate the current cumbersome process of legally entering into our country. I just saw a documentary about immigrants who work at a US flag making company and one Iraqi waited 12 years for his paperwork to be completed. It’s easy to feel sorry for others but it’s harder to do something about it to improve their lives. Promoting democratic ideals and building capitalism worldwide is the quickest and surest way to provide incentives to people to help their own countries first.
  • An open border is not the solution. Since President Biden was inaugurated, CBP encountered over 4 million illegal immigrants. Did you know?
    • Unlike citizens and residents, they weren’t checked for viruses, including COVID
    • Unlike citizens and residents, they weren’t mandated to have vaccines
    • Those under the new “parole” system get work authorization for two years
    • ​They also get free school, free emergency medical care, and can sign up for public benefits…again jumping to the head of the line.


  • My Proposal: I will help forge common ground to provide a secure, safe, and practical immigration system which also attempts to attract the best and brightest to our great nation. But first, we need to stop the bleeding.

#3: Civility

  • Do you ever look at some of our politicians and ask yourself if this is the best we can do as a nation? There are some who blatantly lie and aren’t held accountable. Why is that?
  • It’s a privilege to be elected to office and officeholders need to remember that.
  • There is enough negativity in the world without our own politicians adding to it.
  • Of course, politicians need to be held to a higher standard. I will promise you now my children will not be on my campaign or Congressional payroll.
  • I will not add to the negativity by demeaning anyone personally for their beliefs. We can disagree on policy solutions but we can be civil about it.
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