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Civility, Fiscal Discipline, Security

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Why I’m Running

Do you ever look at some of our politicians and ask yourself if this is the best we can do as a nation? There are some who blatantly lie or commit serious ethical breaches and aren’t held accountable. I won’t get into details but we all know people from both parties who fit that description. My wife and I felt the same way. Like most Americans, I loved to complain about certain issues. My kids finally had enough and said, “Quit complaining and do something about it! I’ve been a “doer” my whole life.

Chris Eddy’s Accomplishments

  • Retired Brigadier General
  • Top Air Force Reserve Intelligence Officer position (served as Reservist to 3-star General)
  • Led the FBI’s 5th largest intelligence program to #1 rated of 56 in the nation
  • City Commissioner with the highest vote total in Weston history
  • Multiple Air Force Intelligence Officer of the Year selections
  • PhD (Leadership) and 2 Masters Degrees (MBA and International Relations)
  • 1 of 5 Outstanding Graduates at Ashland University
  • Selected for my high school and college Academic Halls of Fame
  • Board of Directors of Prestige Club, a charity focused on helping disadvantaged Broward children.
  • Rotary Club of Weston veterans’ programs


I just can’t sit idly by and watch our nation continue to slide into unrest, further into debt, and lose its sense of civility without doing something about it. I’m far from perfect but feel my background, experience, and community service can at least contribute to solutions. As my dad always told me, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

I’ll be out in your neighborhood asking for your support. Be a part of the solution.

Commissioner Chris Eddy is committed to serving the community. Many elected Congressional representatives end up serving the interests of Washington, DC or their national party instead of the residents of their District. Chris will faithfully serve Florida’s 25th District. Brigadier General (ret.) Eddy has already had successful careers in the military, law enforcement, and academia and seeks to expand his impact to help others in need. Support Chris Eddy in his efforts to Restore Civility, Fiscal Discipline, and Security to our District!

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