What To Do About Ukraine Aid?

I’ve had several residents ask me about my stance on U.S. aid to Ukraine and my stance can be summed up as:

  • The U.S. is $34 TRILLION in debt with annual INTEREST PAYMENTS of over $800 BILLION DOLLARS! That’s more than we spend on our entire national defense.
  • In 1994, President Clinton (and Russian President Yeltsin) promised Ukraine “full guarantees of security, as a sign of friendship and good neighborliness” (the Budapest Memorandum) if it gave up its nuclear weapons and signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty. Russia clearly violated that with its annexation of Crimea and subsequent invasion of Ukraine. In 2023, President Clinton said he regretted that decision.
  • What is the strategy to win? I haven’t heard of any. “Bleeding Russia” is not a strategy.
  • Where is the money coming from? Printing new money is not the answer. What is the US sacrificing to help fund Ukraine? Does the money come from EPA, Education, Energy? What are the priorities?
  • US weapon stockpiles are low (as foolishly publicly admitted by President Biden) and our other adversaries know it putting us in a dangerous position.
  • How can we fund Ukranian border efforts and not our own?

We need to have clear spending priorities. In the military, they taught us “if everything is a crisis, then nothing is a crisis.” My parents taught me to understand the difference between “needs” and “wants.” What does the U.S. need and what does the U.S. want? Until we figure that out, we will never solve the debt and deficit issues.

Help me stop the chaos and return some normalcy to DC. Vote Eddy for Congress in FL-25.

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