Was the Iranian Deal a Good One? 

Why would any member of Congress and the President negotiate with and reward Iran which avows to wipe Israel off the map, is the leading state-sponsor of terrorism, and continues to attack US military and civilians?

President Biden released $6 Billion to Iranian leaders, the leaders of state-sponsored terrorism in the world, in exchange for American hostages. As part of this misguided deal, the US agreed to RELEASE….not deport…RELEASE Iranian operatives from jail so they can remain in the US. Three of the 5 in US jail were US Persons in jail for spying for Iran….the other 2 were deported.

Just like President Obama’s deal to pay Iran $1.7 BILLION and unfreeze another $50 BILLION in liquid assets was a mistake, so was this. My opponent supported this deal to give Iran money.

As noted in the National Review: “One of the first things Biden did in office was repealing certain sanctions against Iran; then, in February 2022, he restored another Iran sanctions waiver; and then, this past February, his State Department waived sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting channel, the regime’s chief propaganda outlet.”

We need Common Sense Leadership and a proven leader who will represent the needs of OUR DISTRICT and not the WASHINGTON DISTRICT.

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