Press Release on Israeli Attacks


Congressional Candidate Chris Eddy Addresses Senseless Attacks on Israel

Today, Chris Eddy, GOP candidate for Congress in District 25, South Florida, a retired Air Force Reserve Brigadier General, a retired FBI Intelligence leader, and a City Commissioner in Weston, FL expressed his strong support for Israel against the Iranian-funded terrorists.

“I wholeheartedly stand by our long-term ally, Israel, and don’t understand why this administration would negotiate and send money to Iran, the primary supporter of terrorism in the region, whose stated objective is to wipe Israel off the map. Regardless of politics, it’s time to stand up for democracy and basic human rights and values.”

Eddy’s stance contrasts with President Biden’s controversial action to release $6 billion in frozen Iranian funds which ostensibly would go towards Iranian humanitarian issues…but with no tracking mechanism.
“We must support our allies around the world and we can’t do that from a position of financial or leadership weakness.”

Eddy remains committed to meeting the needs of his constituents in District 25. “This year, the U.S. is paying more than $800 billion in interest to our widening and unsustainable debt1…that’s more than we spend on national defense! We can’t continue down this path and we need to restore fiscal sanity and fiscal discipline.”

For further information, please contact Chris Eddy at Federal primary elections will be held on August 20, 2024 with the general election on November 5, 2024.

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