Do We Have An Open Border?

This video shows ample proof, with people from different nations strolling across the southern US border.

What can be done and is President Biden correct when he says he needs the Congress to act? President Biden changed policies when he came into office and he can certainly change them back. One of the most important changes was eliminating the “Remain in Mexico” provision which required those seeking asylum to wait outside the US until their hearing. The administration also expanded the parameters for asylum and has done little to stop the flow with the Congressional Budget Office (The Demographic Outlook: 2024 to 2054 ( reporting over 6 million came through in the past 3 years….plus hundreds of thousands more since the October report date.

The US needs to reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy, secure the border through physical and technical means, and provide enough resources to Border Protection agents to do what they’re supposed to do….protect the border. This administration should also not be suing states who are picking up where the federal government failed them.

Help me stop the chaos in DC by voting for Eddy For Congress in FL-25.

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