Help Fiscal Discipline,
Security & Civility
Get to the U.S. Congress

Here is How Your Donation Will Help

Through my military, FBI, and educational careers, I never asked someone to do something I wasn’t willing to do myself. Anne and I are contributing a significant amount to this journey.

I promise to use every penny you donate to my campaign in a fiscally responsible way. I will not spend campaign funds on frivolous expenditures and will only use them to win. That means, no relatives on the payroll (sorry Ryan and Megan!) or paying “media advisors” 20% to place ads!

Here’s where your money can help:

  • $25: 135 flyers
  • $35: 1 large car magnet
  • $50: 5 T-shirts
  • $75: 10 yard signs
  • $100: 20 small car magnets
  • $500: Social media ads for 1 week
  • $1,000: One local city magazine ad
  • $2,000: 20 large banner signs for businesses and intersections
  • $3,300: Billboard for 3 weeks

Donate and earn recognition!

  • $100 each for the primary and general: Century Club (total $200 per person)
  • $500 each for the primary and general: Founders Club (total $1,000 per person)
  • $1,000 each for the primary and general: Millennium Club (total $2,000 per person)
  • $3,300 each for primary and general: Executive Elite Club (total $6,600 per person)

To host a fundraiser, please contact Chris at 954-651-5161

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