Campaign Kickoff Party

Today is our official launch party for the campaign! I’m excited and humbled by the amount of people from all walks of life and all political parties coming out and supporting our efforts to Restore Civility, Restore Fiscal Discipline, and Restore Security to our great nation. Over 80 people showed up at the Weston Carolina Ale House to eat, mingle, and hear from local dignitaries. To me, fundraising is always secondary to rallying our community around common themes we can agree on. There has always been divisiveness in America…it’s an essential part of democracy. But we seem to have gone to the extremes where we hate people who disagree with us instead of listening, understanding, and maybe learning. When did yelling replace civil discourse?

I spoke of my vision for a greater community and was thrilled my wife, Anne, and son, Ryan, participated as well. Our daughter, Megan, was happy to sit in the background reading her book! We will always celebrate and laud our military veterans and first responders who are always there when we need them. This is truly not about politics…it’s about celebrating our nation’s democracy and allow a small-town kid to grow up to be a Congressional candidate!

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