Biden’s Deficit Disaster Just Got Worse

As you should know, I’m in favor of balanced budgets, shoring up Social Security, and term limits. I think term limits are the key to helping solve the deficit and debt problem. Every time Congress debates about spending money for some program, they ARE NOT having the conversation of priorities. In other words, if the US wants to send $100 billion more to Ukraine, there is no discussion of that money coming from the FAA, EPA, Education Department, or anywhere else. And, with no prioritization, the politicians just want to keep spending your (increased) tax dollars.

The Congressional Budget Office just released its updated figures for this fiscal year and the US will now end this year with a nearly $2 TRILLION dollar deficit. That means we somehow can’t cut anything in the budget and need to borrow $2 TRILLION at high interest rate to keep the sugar high going. The CBO updated its figures FROM JUST 4 MONTHS AGO which showed the US running a “mere” $1.5 TRILLION deficit! What happened in the meantime? President Biden’s illegal student loan repayment scam.

Help me restore FISCAL DISCIPLINE to this great nation before its too late!

An Update to the Budget and Economic Outlook: 2024 to 2034 | Congressional Budget Office (

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